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Welcome to the Online Home of Stillwater Area JO Volleyball!

Tryout Success!

Thank you to all parents, players, volunteers and coaches for another successful tryout session! We are all looking forward to a great year and are excited about all of the great players playing with SAJO.

SAJO Fan Wear

The online Fan Wear Store is open, check out the link under the 'Parents' tab!

2015-16 Practice, Fitness and Tournament Schedule

* These dates and times are preliminary and subject to change


  • Oak-Land Tuesday and Wednesday
    • 11, 12, 13-2's -> 6-7:45
    • 14-1, 14-2, 13-1 -> 7:45-9:30
  • Stillwater Armory Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
    • 15, 16, 17, 18 -> 4-9 (days and times vary depending on number of teams)

Fitness Training

  • 5:15 to 5:45 at the Armory – the team that practices at 5:45 + the team that practices at 4:00 Thursday (about 20 players max)
  • 6:00 to 6:30 at the Armory – the team that practices at 4:00 + the team that practices at 5:45 on Thursday (about 20 players max)
  • 7:15 to 7:45 at Oak-Land Cafeteria- 13-1's, 14-1's and 14-2's (30 players max)
  • 8:00 to 8:30 at Oak-Land Cafeteria - 11's, 12's and 13-2's (30 players max)


  • Northern Lights Play League (starts in January and runs through March. Aprox. every other weekend)
    • 11,12,13,14,15,16
  • Kokoro Luau - Superbowl Weekend - All
  • Presidents Day Weekend (NCR) - All
  • Coaches choice - Twin Cities Venues
    • 17,18
  • NCR Championships - Various cities - All

SAJO Calendar

  • Nov
  • 30
Coaches Meeting
  • Dec
  • 1
SAJO 16-2s Practice
  • Dec
  • 1
SAJO 11s Practice
  • Dec
  • 1
SAJO 12s practice
  • Dec
  • 1
SAJO 13s Practice


SAJO not only develops volleyball players, we develop teammates. As a player, coach, or fan, you can have a great impact on your teammates. 

A good teammate does more than work on serving, passing, and hitting - she considers the importance of being a good teammate on and off the court. As we head into this season, challenge yourself to be the best teammate you can be. 

1. Be trustworthy. 
2. Be encouraging. Fight for and celebrate each other's successes.
3. Be honest and courageous.
4. Remember that your teammates are people too. Value your temamates for who they are.

Enjoy the rest of the season! 

Inclement Weather - Practices and Games

Players and Parents:

Other practices are still on unless you have been notified by your coach.  If you are not able to attend, please notify your coach. Thank you!

SAJO typically cancels practices/events when the Stillwater Area School District closes due to weather.  However, we ask that parents use their discretion as to the severity of the weather and safety of travel. Please communicate to your coaches if you will miss or be late for practice.

We will continue to monitor and post updates on the website if practices or games are cancelled.


SAJO Facebook Site

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