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Welcome to Stillwater Area JO Volleyball

SAJO Season Update 5/18

Hi SAJO Families,

SAJO is finalizing the financials for the season and will start issuing refunds in the next couple of weeks.  The refund amount was calculated based on several factors.  The refunds vary based on your team type (standard team or developmental team), your level of volunteering and will factor in any money paid for extra play time that was not actually played.

The entire refund will be paid via a check from SAJO, and will be mailed to the name and address of the Primary Guardian listed for your daughter in Sports Engine.  If you want something different, please send an email to Amy Gaides and Rick Leonard with the requested change details.

Volunteer checks will be returned along with your refund.  If you paid cash for volunteering, or included the volunteer fee in your initial payment, it will also be factored into your refund amount.

If you have not received your refund check by June 15 or have questions about your refund amount, please contact Amy and Rick by email  -<> and<>

Lastly, SAJO appreciates all of your patience as we navigate these unknown waters. This is not how anyone wanted to end their volleyball season, but we safety comes first. Be on the look out for 2020-2021 SAJO volleyball info this summer. We cannot wait to get back in the gym and start playing the game that we all love so much!

Stay Safe and Well,

Amy Gaides 

SAJO Club Director

SAJO Season Update 4/7

Hello SAJO Families,

I hope you are all well and healthy.

I am writing to let you know that the SAJO Board has decided to cancel the remainder of the volleyball season due to the COVID-19 Crisis. I do not think that any of us pictured our season ending in this manner. Please release all hotel rooms for any away tournaments that your teams may have booked.

We are currently working on getting money back from various tournaments that have been canceled. Once we get the money back from all organizations and pay our coaches, SAJO will be providing refunds for families. The refunds are not expected to be sent out until late May to early June. Please be patient as we deal with all the various odds and ends. 

As for volunteering, we know that some of families have fulfilled your volunteer duties and others have not. We are currently reaching out to coaches to gather from which families have volunteered for their teams. We also have a master list of all SAJO sponsored events that we are referencing during this time. Once we have an overview of our financial standing, we will send out another email about volunteering.

SAJO has also decided to cancel the banquet and coaches meeting that usually occur at the end of the season. 

If your player has a libero jersey, your coaches will be reaching out to you regarding how to pick up the jersey. SAJO needs those back for next season. 

Thank you again for being patient during this time. Please let us know if you have questions regarding anything!


Amy Gaides

SAJO Club Director

Altius COVID-19 Workout


We miss you!  We hope you are staying healthy and sane during this unprecedented time of uncertainty.  We wanted to reach out to:

△Let you know that we are thinking about and praying for our Altius families!

△Encourage you to make the most of the opportunity to spend time with and enjoy your family

△Let you know that we are so grateful for the extensive outflow of love and support that SAJO has demonstrated.  Your calls and messages mean the world to us!

△ Encourage you to follow us on social media to both stay in the loop and support us  @altiusmn

△Encourage you to stay active!  Please take advantage of these workouts that are specially designed for your program!

I created a 5-day/week (M-F) workout template for your athletes to utilize to try to maintain the tremendous amount of work and effort that they have put in to preparing for this season.  To access and log workouts, please

  1. Download the TeamBuildr App 
  2. Use Join Code H973-ZEHB and Password 18DHHRUN
  3. Refer to videos at and within app


Please reach out with any questions or concerns or to get information about further training or physical therapy options!  Stay healthy, friends!


Win this day!

Matt Yegge PT, DPT, CSCS, CES, PES

w. 651-342-0509

c. 720-204-0333

COVID-19 Update

UPDATE 3/19/2020

Hi SAJO Families,

I hope you are staying healthy!

I am reaching out to give a few updates. SAJO is still cancelled through Friday, March 27th. The Northern Lights power league for March 21-22, M1 play date for the 15's, the 12's Cup, and the MN Select tournament for the 16's team have all been cancelled. 

I do not have answers regarding our future tournaments in April. My guess is that we ended our seasons before spring break, but I will send another email confirming this as the Governor, Schools, and JVA post updates regarding public safety.

With this huge unknown and our season probably ending earlier than we anticipated, we will be looking at refunds. I do not know how much money each player will get back or when this will occur. I am guessing some time in May or June. 

Again, I appreciate all of you patience as SAJO navigates these unknown waters. I will send out updates as frequently as I can. 

Stay healthy and GO SAJO!

Amy Gaides

SAJO Club Director



Update on 3/13/2020

Hello SAJO Families,

As you all know, we are facing unknown times with the Corona Virus. It has been recommended that all JVA insured events (practices and tournaments and training) scheduled through the next 14 days, March 26th, be postponed or cancelled to ensure the welfare and safety of the athletes, spectators and staff. Again, there will be no practice, games, or training through March 26th. 

If you would like to read the post JVA sent, click on this link.

SAJO will update you all as we approach March 26th with the status of our season. Stay well and wash your hands!

Kind Regards,

Amy Gaides

SAJO Club Director

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SAJO Practice Facilities

Oak-Land Middle School
- 820 Manning Ave N, Lake Elmo

  • Drop off and pick up at the northwest doors (not the front)

  • If picking up please don't park in closest parking spots. Reserve those for the incoming coaches so they don't have to walk so far with their equipment.

Stillwater Middle School

  • - 523 Marsh Street W, Stillwater

  • Pickup, dropoff and parking in the lower lot on the southwest side of the building (not front).

Stillwater PAC
-5701 Stillwater Blvd N, Oak Park Heights

  • Look at the whiteboard when you enter through the PAC doors. The gym that your team will use will be on that board.


Weather Cancellations

  • Weather Cancellations will be posted here throughout the season
  • We will also post weather cancellations on the SAJO Facebook page

SAJO Sponsers and Supporters


SAJO thanks all the volunteers who supported us hosting the Pressident's Day tournaments at the PAC the past two weekends.