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Coaches Corner

Volleyball Season Stat Sheet

1. This spreadsheet has a Season Statistics tab and 50 Match tabs.
2. On the Team Roster tab (first tab) you enter the players and their jersey number on the left (green boxes).
3. On the Season Statistics tab the game schedule is entered across the top.
4. The information entered on the Team Roster and Season Statistics tab will be carried to each Match tab. The stats on the Match tabs will be carried to the Season Statistics tab.
5. Enter the stats for each Set on the appropriate Match tab (in the green boxes and colored boxes in the Set detail). The other boxes (white) will calculate the player stats.
6. For each Match on the Match tab, you enter the result (win, loss) and the score (enter a space then score... eg  25-22).
7. The results for each Match and the stats are totaled on the Season Statistics tab. The team record will be calculated on the Season Statistics tab.

Volleyball Drills

SAJO Coaching Skills Expectations

Concussion Training and Certification

Every adult that is coaching is required to have the concussion certificate (this includes score keepers); they are also required to provide a copy of said certificate, if asked for.

Below is a link to a free certification website.


SAJO not only develops volleyball players, we develop teammates. As a player, coach, or fan, you can have a great impact on your teammates. 

A good teammate does more than work on serving, passing, and hitting - she considers the importance of being a good teammate on and off the court. As we head into this season, challenge yourself to be the best teammate you can be. 

1. Be trustworthy. 
2. Be encouraging. Fight for and celebrate each other's successes.
3. Be honest and courageous.
4. Remember that your teammates are people too. Value your temamates for who they are.

Enjoy the rest of the season!