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2018 -2019 SAJO Season Parent Information

2018 - 2019 Information for Parents and Players


Congratulations and Welcome to SAJO 2018 - 2019 Season 

Thank you for choosing SAJO for your daughter’s volleyball club. SAJO strives to continuously improve upon previous seasons by listening to parents, coaches, and players.  SAJO offers you the chance to:

Be on the “home team” and still make new friends.


Play for coaches who love the game of volleyball and have various experiences with playing and coaching at multiple levels.


Practice locally and play tournaments throughout the Twin Cities and beyond.


Receive good value for your dollar.


Be a part of the present and future of Stillwater Volleyball!



Team/Player Responsibilities


Practice: be there on time and ready to participate in each practice. Notify your coach in writing (email/text, per coach preference) if you will miss practice.


Plan accordingly and participate in all of your team’s tournaments.


Show respect and good sportsmanship in all interactions with teammates, competitors, coaches, and officials whether in practice, tourneys, etc.


Wear SAJO uniform for all competitions; appropriate practice attire for practices (no tank tops, cut-up or midriff shirts, etc).


Communicate directly with your coaches about your questions regarding your team experience.


Have FUN and play hard!



Parent Responsibilities


Have your player at practice on time and picked up when practice is scheduled to end.


Have your player to tournaments by the time requested by coach.


Show good sportsmanship and support the team through wins and losses.


Respect the “24 hour rule” for any post-tourney communication with Coaches/Board.


Encourage your player to talk directly with their head coach about any questions and concerns regarding their team experience.


Get involved in SAJO volunteer opportunities: parent coordinator for your team, host a team-building event, help out with SAJO tournament and post-season celebration, etc.


If you have questions you for the Board, contact us at




Coach/Board Responsibilities


Communicate with players/parents as timely as possible about practice and tournament schedules.


Respond to emails within 24 hours.


Maintain a “24 hour rule” for post-tournament discussions with parents.


Promote a positive team/club culture. Role model good sportsmanship and respect on/off the court.




Tournaments and/or Play Days

All teams will be registered for approximately 10 tournament/play days (16 for 14-1), which get scheduled shortly after teams are formed.  The tournament season runs from November through April (mid-May for 14-1).  All SAJO Teams will participate in: The Big Luau (2-day tourney in the Twin Cities), President’s Day Tournament (2-day tourney in the Twin Cities), and other tourneys as selected by Coaches/Board. 


Note: Tournament dates will be posted on the SAJO calendar as we get confirmation from the event organizers. Typically tournament organizers do not communicate the pool/tourney format information until a couple days before the event. SAJO will post tourney information as it becomes available, but it is important to realize that details are not known far in advance.


SAJO-hosted Tournament

SAJO plans on hosting two tournaments in January and February at SAHS, this will be one of the Kokoro tournaments an NCR sponsored tournament. These will be big volunteer days for SAJO families – please mark your calendars once the dates are posted! 



Practice Schedules 

Practice begins the last week of November. Practices are 2 hours twice per week.  Unforeseen practice cancellations may not be rescheduled.  A 30 minute training and fitness program will occur once per week.  before or after one of the practices. Schedules will be posted on the SAJO website calendar. Schedules will be posted about practices as soon as possible. Locations for practice: Oak-Land Middle School, Stillwater High School and the Stillwater Armory.



Volunteer Requirements/Opportunities 

Each SAJO family is encouraged to volunteer their time and talents to add value to our club and teams.  A $100 volunteer deposit is made on tryout day. The check is not cashed if you fulfill a volunteer role during the season. Volunteer opportunities are posted on the SAJO website.


 Fee Schedule


The player fee for the season is $1100 for the Standard Program and $1800 for the 14-1 team.  On tryout/team selection day you will need to do the following two things:

1) Provide a volunteer check for $100, dated 5/1/2019

2) Pay the entire Fee amount by check


2) Provide an initial Fee payment by check of $400, and pay the balance online in two installments* ($400 due Jan 31, $300 due Feb 28).  Note: 14-1 payments are $600 each.

*Paying online adds both a $3 transaction fee and an additional 3.25% processing fee.

If you have questions about Fee payment - Contact Rick Leonard directly.

**Note from Board: SAJO player fees increased in 2018-2019. The program has expanded in scope and quality over the past several years.  In order to maintain this enhanced level of programming which includes coach salaries, fitness instructor salaries, facilities and equipment, high quality uniforms, the fee needed to be adjusted accordingly in order to support the club's sustainability. SAJO is a not for profit organization, so all fees go directly to expenses incurred to run our program.



Included in your SAJO fee is a warm-up jacket, warm-up pants, game jersey, and two practice tees.  Note: 14-1's will get two game jerseys. 

Players will also need to provide: BLACK spandex volleyball shorts, volleyball shoes (or appropriate gym shoe) and knee pads as part of their uniform (available through our online store with St. Croix Screen Printing or can be obtained from sporting good stores).   Stillwater Volleyball encourages black shoes and kneepads.  SAJO fan wear will also available through our online store. Orders will be available for holiday gift-giving.  Backpacks are optional as needed, and will also be available in the online store.



What Athletes Would Like to Tell Parents

The following thoughts are from athletes who were interviewed after their high school athletic experience had ended.  Common sense from kids.

What do your parents do at games that really make you feel great and proud to have them present?

·         Cheer for everyone on the team, not just certain players

·         Just having them there tells me that it was worth my time

·         Support us win or lose

·         Not getting on the refs, players or coaches

·         Support me even when I am not playing much

·         Cheering and encouraging at appropriate times in a civilized manner

·         Cheer for us, but not too much

·         Remember that we choose to play for fun and everybody is trying their best

·         Don’t be too hard on your kid – give them some room to grow, but stay by their side to help them grow up

What do your parents or other parents do at games that make you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable?

·         Argue with the ref – it is annoying for everyone

·         Try to coach the coach

·         Discouraging comments to players

·         Yell at you when you are trying to concentrate

·         Criticizing athletes or coaches, calling them by name

·         Yelling advice makes me play worse

·         Cheering if the other team makes a mistake

·         When parents boo

·         Telling me what I need to do better when they don’t know how to play the game

·         I feel sorry for my teammates whose parents yell at them.  When I play, my job is to listen to the coach, not my parents.

·         When they don’t agree with a call, they yell, “come on” or “what was that?” etc.

·         Let me be who I am, let me enjoy myself out on the court and don’t try to improve my game with your negativity